More people resolving to get strong and gain muscle in 2020

In 2019, more than half of all Americans resolved to get fit. This year, a lot of people are still making going to the gym part of their New Year's resolution.

However, this time around, the focus is different thanks to new fitness trends.

Megan Manning is already fit, so her resolution in 2020 isn't to lose weight but instead, gain muscle.

"I'm a fan of long-distance running, but one of the things that running can do is it can stop you from building strength. So as someone who works and is in school full time, I needed to find a way to, you know, keep up my fitness," Manning said.

Manning's goal is to get stronger with workouts like HIIT, or high-intensity interval training.

"I go about four to five times a week," Manning said.

She gets to enjoy this workout at Fit Cru in Mesa. 

Danielle Wallerstein is a lead fitness coach and has noticed a shift in why people resolve to get fit.

"It's really amazing because now, you know, strong is beautiful. We're not looking at the, you know, super skinny models anymore. It's muscle. You want to be strong, you want to live a good life, you want to be able to go hike a mountain with your grandkids," Wallerstein said.

Wallerstein trains clients of all ages, genders and fitness levels who have expressed more interest in long term health than quick weight loss plans like in years past.

"You don't have to weigh in. You don't have to get on the scale. We don't have to do your body fat. What is your goal? You know, your goal could have nothing to do with the way you look or even your body. It can be a mental thing," Wallerstein said.

"I want to feel like I'm still 20 or 30, not like I'm 40 or 50," Manning said.

Manning knows the work she puts in now will continue to have an impact later in life with continued strength and mobility from her workouts. And that's why she's resolved to get stong in 2020.