Mother of teen stabbed to death in Phoenix speaks out

As investigators in Phoenix continue to look into the stabbing death of a 14-year-old boy, family members of the victim are speaking out.

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According to investigators, the incident began with a fight that reportedly broke out between multiple men, and an adult woman stabbed one of them.

Priscilla Uqualla

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Priscilla Uqualla, stayed at the scene and was taken into custody. She faces a second-degree murder charge.

Victim's mother speaks

The deadly stabbing reportedly happened across the street from where the victim, identified as Quortez Conley, went to school. Quortez's mother, as well as his best friend, Nimaries Wickwere, said they were on their way back from a football game when the incident happened.

"I was just expecting my son to make it home," said Quortez's mother, Edna Crosby. "My son lost his life because someone else probably had a bad day or was going through something."

Crosby said Quortez was the 4th oldest of five brothers, and was a great student.

"When I say he was a golden child, he was a golden child. He was an honor student. Straight As. Into sports. He loves basketball and Fortnite," said Crosby. "He had a lot of energy. If you were around him, you were instantly attracted to him."

Wickwere says he is going to miss everything about Quortez. He said he didn't just lose a friend, but a brother.

"His energy just pulses from his body, and you just got a positive vibe from him," said Wickwere.

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