Mug Shot Gallery - November 2017

Guilty or not, these mug shots are worth a look. This information was supplied by law enforcement and describes recent arrests and charges. All defendants are presumed innocent.

This month's cases:

Phoenix police say 45-year-old Trent Ferree intentionally drove onto a sidewalk and fatally struck a woman. Read more.

Gilbert police say 20-year-old Torre Sanders and a 17-year-old boy were arrested in the death of 27-year-old Shane Mullins. Read more.

Heidy Rios, 24, is accused of throwing her 3-week-old newborn son at his father's feet. Police say the newborn suffered a fractured skull as a result of the incident. Read more.

Howard E. Donaldson III was arrested and charged with four counts of murder in the Seminole Heights shooting deaths. Read more.

According to police, Zachary Ryan Aschenbach claimed he led officers on a 125 mph chase because he was late for work. Read more.

Hashem Ramezanpour, a 40-year-old Uber driver, is accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman. Read more.

Brittany Robinson, 23, is accused of leaving her dead newborn child in a bag under the porch of her father's home. Read more.

George C. Livingston is accused of murder after a man he knew was found dead next to a three-foot sword. Read more.

Julia Poff, 46, is accused of mailing several homemade bombs to former President Barack Obama and the governor of Texas. Read more.

Authorities say Dabrett Black was arrested in the fatal shooting of a Texas DPS trooper. Read more.

Police say 19-year-old Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, an MS-13 gang member, was charged in the brutal murder of a man in Maryland. Read more.

Wesley Williams is accused of trying to entice a 14-year-old teen over the internet. Read more.

Donald Martin, Jr. is accused of killing his 11-year-old step-grandson after pinning him down. Read more.

Police say 24-year-old Maricela Perez was arrested for abandoning her newborn baby girl in a Mesa yard in 2016. Read more.

Police say Julio Rodriguez was arrested after trying to steal a train from a railyard just south of downtown Phoenix. Read more.

Karen Fonseca, who's at the center of a free speech debate because of her anti-Trump sticker on her truck, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for fraud. Read more.

Jessica Marie Cross is accused of stealing cash, a purse, food and Happy Meal toys. Police say she gained access through the McDonald's drive-thru window. Read more.

Authorities say 22-year-old Christopher Conway was arrested in the rape and murder of one of his 9-month-old twin daughters. Read more.

Police say 25-year-old Markiya Mitchelle admitted to intentionally drowning her 10-day-old baby in a bathtub. Read more.

Destinee Merrell, 23, and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Cory Hagwell, were arrested and charged in the death of Merrell's 3-year-old daughter. Read more.

Police say 37-year-old James Watson beat his girlfriend's dog after becoming jealous of the attention the pet received from her. Read more.

Authorities say 25-year-old Cheyenne West switched price tags to get $1,800 worth of electronics for $3.70. Read more.

Angelo McCoy, a 48-year-old Lyft driver, is accused of sexually assaulting a customer. Read more.

Almalik Ward, 22, is accused of shooting two men at a Glendale Walmart. Read more.

Michael Roberts and Georgena Roberts are accused of starving a 6-year-old boy as punishment for two years. Read more.

Police say 66-year-old Charles Smith, who volunteers as a Santa Claus, was arrested on drug charges after a crack pipe was found in his vehicle. Read more.

Police say Christopher Tucker, 34, killed his female friend when she refused his marriage proposal. Read more.

Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah, 51, is accused of sexually assaulting at least two young boys inside an ice cream truck. Read more.

Anthony D. McClanahan, 46, has been arrested and is a suspect in the murder of his wife. Read more.

Donna Byrne, 53, was arrested for DUI while riding a horse. Read more.

Sarah Henderson, 29, is accused of killing her two children and trying to kill her husband. Read more.

Mark Gibson is accused of raping a woman and disabling her car so she couldn't escape. Read more.

Amber Schmunk, 28, is accused of tying her son down on top of her minivan to hold down a plastic pool. Read more.

NCSO says Jessica Romo, Daniel Hinojosa Jr. and 26-year-old Priscilla Camarillo were jailed on suspicion of distribution of dangerous drugs after a deputy and K9 discovered 31 pounds of methamphetamine in their vehicle. Read more.

Gary Minor, 45, is accused of barricading himself and a woman inside a Phoenix hotel. Read more.

Deputies say Stacey Hagen was asleep when her 3-year-old son was found walking down the street naked on Halloween. Read more.

Amanda Lee Doyle, 29, and 25-year-old Gavin Robel have been indicted in connection to an opioid ring in Bullhead City. Read more.