National Immigrant Integration Conference taking place in Downtown Phoenix

It's a one of a kind event that brings people of all races, ages and ethnicities together for one purpose: to gain justice for all. The 10th Annual National Immigrant Integration Conference took place in Downtown Phoenix.

In all, 350 immigration agencies from across the world gathered, with a purpose to get everyone together to share practices and ideas.

Arizona was called to host the event, after SB1070.

"Arizona has a story to tell about how to push back, how to resist against those kinds of laws and involve immigrants in the democratic process," said James Garcia, who went on to say the conference touches on the hot button issues, including immigration policies being talked about in Washington.

"There is analysis," said Garcia. "All of rules and laws, executive orders that are coming out of the White House right now."

One group attending the conference is the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which helps hundreds of people start their lives over, after fleeing from war torn countries.

Garcia said the conference also offers a chance to help those looking to become a citizen, in addition to celebrating justice for all

The event goes for three days.