Navajo County Sheriff's Department receives generous donation from local gun manufacturer

NAVAJO COUNTY (FOX 10) -- Navajo County Sherrif's Department got a friendly donation when KE Arms equipped them with several state of the art rifles.

KE arms donated eight fully equipped rifles to the NCSO, which is worth a total of $34,000 dollars. The new weapons, equipped with eye gear, will be replacing the older models.

Russel Phagan with KE Arms says the donation came during a struggle with budgetary items, as well as another manufacturer opening in the county.

"[The owners] knew they had budget constraints," Phagan said. "When officers are friends and neighbors rather than someone working in the force, they take a more active interest in supporting them."

NSCO Chief Moffitt says many deputies previously equipped themselves.

"[This] gives the deputies the tools they need to respond to any violent encounters and [they] allow them to defend themselves," Chief Deputy Randy Moffitt said. "Equipment is so valuable for our deputies each and every day.

Chief Moffitt also says all deputies will be trained before using the new weapons so they can become proficient.