New Churchill shopping center made of shipping containers

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - A new shopping center has just opened up in downtown Phoenix and it's getting a lot of attention for it's construction and design.

Two bars, four restaurants and four shops make up the new Churchill in downtown Phoenix, but it's no ordinary shopping center.

"The Churchill is built out of shipping containers, which is fairly unique," said Kell Duncan.

Kell Duncan is the Co-Founder of the Churchill, and he explains why they chose shipping containers when they started brainstorming the concept.

"It's sustainable, it's kind of cool and unique," said Duncan. "We have a small footprint on this lot, so it was a way to allow small businesses to come in that can afford to come in a container because it's a smaller space."

Tenants are also required to give back.

"We do something that we call social rent, which is four hours of community service that is actually in the lease of all tenants and we have 10 charity partners that we rotate each month that we will rotate each month," said Duncan.

The 19 containers are proving what's old is now new again and breathing new life into a once empty lot.