New lawsuit claims 6th grade teacher used school chat app to groom student

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The parents of a West Valley teen are suing the Liberty Elementary School District, after they say 6th grade teacher, Brittany Zamora, used a school chat app to lure their son for sex.

The lawsuit also claims the principal and Zamora's husband knew about the relationship, and could have prevented the assault.

Zamora has since been charged for her alleged crimes, and is still in jail for the criminal case against her. This newest lawsuit is against her husband and the school district, and the parents are asking for $2.5 million in damages. The family's attorney, Russ Richelsoph, says the school's principal was alerted to the misconduct, after three 6th grade students reached out to him.

"The principal basically dismissed it, swept it under the rug," said Richelsoph. "Didn't tell anyone about it. Didn't tell the police about it. Didn't tell our client's parents about it."

Richelsof says the principal knew about the situation a month before the victim's parents found out about the relationship on their own, after installing a parental control app on their son's phone.

"The principal knew about this in the beginning of February, and that was actually before, as far as we know, any of the actual sexual acts took place," said Richelsof.

Zamora's husband, Daniel Zamora, was also named in the lawsuit. Richelsoph says the husband also knew about the the inappropriate relationship, and did nothing. He allegedly even pressured the victims parents.

"We believe that the principal notified Brittany Zamora that the police were going to get involved," said Richelsof. "Daniel Zamora started calling the 6th grader's parents and started making harassing phone calls, and tried to beg and plead with them to not go to the police, we can work something out."

FOX 10 has reached out to the school district, but we have not heard back from district officials.