Newly obtained docs on 'Gilbert Goons' detail Snapchat messages

Documents that detail Snapchat conversations following a teen's 2022 beating in Gilbert give an inside look at what the attackers were thinking.

One of the victims, Connor Jarnagan, was beaten on the back of the head with brass knuckles in December 2022 while in a Gilbert parking lot. He has since spoken up about banning brass knuckles across the state.

Now, we're learning more about what police uncovered about teen violence before much of the community learned about the pervasive issue after Preston Lord's death in October 2023.

"There has been a lot of speculation and misinformation spread over social media regarding these and other incidents, which have occurred in Gilbert and other communities. Gilbert PD has investigated all reported incidents and taken the proper actions to ensure any concerning behaviors or trends are addressed promptly," Gilbert Police Chief Michael Soelberg said late last year.

That was said back in December when Chief Soelberg gave his first public comments on teen violence and pushed back on reports of a violent group of teens calling themselves the "Gilbert Goons."

A newly obtained nearly 140-page report details Snapchat messages between teens who admit to the crime against Jarnagan, as well as additional crimes.


'Gilbert Goon' Jacob Pennington arrested following his teen violence sentences

One of the members of the so-called "Gilbert Goons" who was sentenced in two assault cases recently was arrested again on suspicion of underage drinking.

Members of the chats discuss wanting to hurt more people and say they should become an official gang. The "Gilbert Goons" have since been classified as a hybrid gang.

Sixteen-year-old Jarnagan was attacked by a group of teens who demanded money from him outside an In-N-Out in Gilbert.

"That's when I knew, like these guys aren't up to any good. So, I told him ‘no’ and that's when he tried to get into my car and the keys were in my car. So, when I turned around to grab the keys, he punched me with brass knuckles in the back of the head," he said.

Jarnagan's mom says, "He immediately felt blood gushing down his back, and we took him to the emergency room and spent three hours there. He had to get his head stapled."

Police documents show Gilbert Police were given Snapchat records days after the assault. The documents are heavily redacted because minors were involved.

Right after the fight, the teen who punched Jarnagan with brass knuckles allegedly told several people on Snapchat, "He wouldn't give me his car so I punched him in the back of the head and he gave me $20."

One of the responses involved a teen saying "U got extra knuckls? I'm trying to send these kids to the hospital."

Another Snapchat message says "As soon as they find out we r the ones who got into all the fights we're getting charged w 30+ assaults."

In another group chat, one of them says "Can we all please go on a cop killing spree?"


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Efforts to pass a brass knuckles ban in Arizona have come to an end for this legislative session, according to a state senator.

"Let's start raping," was also another message.

The day after Jarnagan was beaten with brass knuckles, someone in the Snapchat group says "I think we just need to become an official gang already."

Gilbert Police released a statement on June 19 saying, "The teens responsible for making these specific statements were thoroughly investigated and the Gilbert Police Department adamantly disputes their claim of being tied to 30+ reported assaults …"

Gilbert PD's statement goes on to say, "The social media thread you mention makes a vague reference to ‘starting a gang’ which, in accordance with state law, is not sufficient evidence to establish a criminal street gang."

FOX 10 reached out to the Jarnagan family about the report.

The family said, "We’re disappointed and disturbed after reading through the police report. It clearly shows there were major red flags with this group of teenage thugs who went on to continue to terrorize teens in the East Valley, even after we were able to prosecute one of them. We continue to hope that justice is served in each of the cases, and we look forward to the next Arizona legislative session where we plan to pursue a brass knuckles ban once again."

FOX 10 reached out to Gilbert Police requesting an interview with Chief Soelberg, but was told he's unable to accommodate an interview due to previously scheduled commitments.