Nonprofit 'About Care' helps to make seniors' lives easier

Many senior citizens have trouble getting to where they need to go.

From the doctors' offices to the grocery store, that's where a Valley nonprofit About Care comes in.

It helps bring the sense of community right to their doorstep.

About Care started in 2006 and provides support services to homebound senior citizens and people with disabilities.

"They spend most of their days in their home, so having someone come into their homes and spend time with them gives them the opportunity to actually socialize, build a community and that's very, very good for them," explained Ixcel Baca, volunteer manager at About Care.

Serving all over the Valley, volunteers will transport more than 600 clients to medical appointments, help with grocery shopping, and more.

"I like to get invested with these people. They become friends of mine. My plan is to do this for as long as my mouth holds out, my knees hold out, my back holds out," said Ford Kitchel, a volunteer at About Care.

With 160 volunteers, About Care's goal is to allow clients to stay at home while making their lives a little easier.

"I never realized getting old was so complicated. Now that I've experienced my health issues and I don't have a car anymore, and it's hard to get around, it's very important, almost life-giving, to have an organization that not only takes your call, but cares about you. It's fantastic," Doug Becker, a patient who uses About Care, said.

He needed help getting around after experiencing a stroke and seizures.

"We can encourage other volunteers, not only seniors but working people who might have a day off during the week or take a weekend day and can help one person. We can use more volunteers," Becker said.

For those interested in volunteering with About Care, applications can be submitted online at A background check is required.