Organization helps those with special needs find jobs

It can be tough to find a job, even more so for those in our community who have special needs. That's where Project Search comes in.

They help special needs individuals get the training they need to help them land a great job.

Daniel Lara is not shy, as evident by him taking the stage and wowing the audience at the 9th annual Project Search conference in Glendale.

But finding a job, is a bit more daunting than taking the stage for Daniel, who has Asperger's.

Project Search helps special needs individuals like Daniel find jobs.

"I'm glad they are here, otherwise I wouldn't know how to get a job, about creating resumes, how to find it, how to be in an interview," said Lara.

The organization works with universities, hotels and local businesses to fill open positions.

At the conference, folks came together to share the successes of the program which is now in 39 states and three countries.

Although Daniel's ultimate goal in life is to be a touring musician. He says he's looking forward to landing his first job.

"For now, I just gotta find a right job for me...and showing my working experience," said Lara.