Parent accuses teacher at special needs school of using excessive force on his teenage son

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Valley family speaking out, after they say a special education teacher used excessive force on their 15-year-old son.

Their son now has injuries from that incident. including a broken elbow. This incident happened on December 12, during after school hours, right in front of the school. The parents of Jeremiah Davis said the excessive force was uncalled for, especially as their son has a disability.

"I have bruises on my side and my arm was in extreme pain," said Jeremiah, a 10th grader at the Desiderata Program.

The family says their son now has a broken elbow, after they say excessive force was used by Rick Bail, a special education teacher. The teacher is known as "Coach" to students.

"I'm deeply disturbed about it how a coach can do this to my son," said John Davis, Jeremiah's father.

According to Jeremiah, he was trying to get back into the school to call his parents, after his phone was taken from him that morning.

"They kept pushing me out and locking me out, and it was the end of the day and I didn't know their number, and they would call me on that number," said Jeremiah.

Officials with Phoenix Union High School District say they were trying to restrain an out-of-control individual.

"Coach used excessive force on me," said Jeremiah. "Body-slammed me to the ground, and held me with my own arm across my neck."

"Very disappointing that excessive force was used on my son like this, and it could have been worse," said Davis.

According to a report, after the incident, Jeremiah was "hyperventilating, tearful and making guttural crying sounds." It also states that Jeremiah was "calm", and agreed to walk into the lobby.

A nurse checked out the student. The report states the student suffered pain primarily in his left elbow, with visible bruises and swelling. Jeremiah also said he had tingling and numbness.

FOX 10 reached out to the school, and in a statement, district officials say the district is "aware of the incident at Desiderata, and has been investigating. A police report was filed with Phoenix Police."

"What I want done is this never happen again to anyone," said Davis, who went on to say he just wants the school to be transparent, and he just wants to hear the coach's side of what happened here.

While there are cameras inside and outside of the school, district officials say they understand that the cameras were just installed, and were not working at the time of this incident.

When FOX 10 asked whether Bail was still employed, officials say he still is.