Parishioners saddened, shocked after fire destroys their north Phoenix church

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Throughout the years, thousands of parishioners have worshipped at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Hundreds of them still do and many of them are sharing their memories with us.

"I can picture it right now, it was a long time ago," Terry Croy said.

Twenty-seven years ago, Croy and her husband, Steve, said "I do" on the altar at St. Joseph's Church in Phoenix.

She walked in front of the church Wednesday morning, shocked to see it all gone.

"When you're here, so many memories, I mean this church has been here for so long," she said.

St. Joseph's Parish was established in 1969, is located on 40th Street near Shea, and was built in 1972. A 50th-anniversary celebration was being planned for August 18.

"That's our church, we have our adoration chapel... I was in there last night for my adoration," Sarah Diesel said.

"Everybody loves this church, you know, it's been here for 50 years," Dennis Gorney said.

Gorney snapped photos of the recent remodel to the altar. The members of St. Joseph's described it as a tight-knit community with each and every single worshipper willing to give a piece of themselves.

"I brought an icon here form the Philippines that is supposed to be miraculous," Macbeth Torno said.

The parishioners we spoke to say the support they will receive from each other and from the community will help them get through this difficult time.