PD: 17-month-old baby found with suspicious injuries at Phoenix apartment

Police worked through the night and well into the morning trying to figure out what happened to the 17-month-old.

"I was walking my dog last night when I saw the fire trucks and the ambulance," said Darcy Rightmier. This neighbor lives near the 17-month-old and the baby's mom, the boyfriend was there too. "I called his name and he just kind of waved and said I can't right now... it was obvious that they were very distraught."

Police aren't telling us much, but they describe the 17-month-old's injuries as serious and suspicious. At the complex near 48th Street and Warner in Ahwatukee. Neighbors say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary until police and paramedics showed up.

"It is distressing, babies shouldn't have to go through that," said Pat Ballou.

Police say the baby is in the hospital in critical condition.

"I am just praying that baby is okay, I am praying for the family, I have lost a child I know what that is like and I don't wish that upon anybody," said Rightmier.

Phoenix Police have not released any word if charges will be filed in the case.