PD: Man arrested after nearly running over off-duty police officer

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - New details have come out in the arrest of a man who police say almost hit an off-duty cop with his car. Police have now identified that suspect.

The trouble began at Fry's on 51st Ave. and Baseline Road. Phoenix Police say two people shoplifted there when an off-duty officer tried to stop them. They took off, almost hitting the officer. The driver then crashed into a parked car in the driveway of a nearby home.

"he went the wrong way and flew up in the yard and hit that black magnum there," said a witness.

The night ended with a mess on Beautiful Lane - a residential street a couple of blocks away. The getaway SUV slammed into a parked car and pushed it into the front column of the house. Police say the driver and passenger were both highly intoxicated. Officials said there were several empty beer cans inside the vehicle.

Neighbors tell us one of the men refused to get out of the vehicle, so police fired pepper spray into the SUV. It ended up wafting through the entire neighborhood. Residents told us they rushed back inside of their homes after they started to cough.

"They started shooting pepper spray, little balls," said a witness. "They were exploding inside the car. Everybody was coughing out here, 'cause they were shooting for 15, 20 minutes."

One of the two men arrested is Thomas Antone. He faces charges of assault, aggravated, DUI, shoplifting, and unlawful flight.

There are no reports of any injuries, but there are plenty of damages to the car and the house.