PD: McNabb was DUI at double legal limit during arrest

Gilbert Police say former NFL star Donovan McNabb was driving with a BAC over twice the legal limit when he was arrested.

McNabb's test revealed he had a BAC of .17. The legal limit in Arizona is .08.

On Monday, police released police officer body-cam footage that shows McNabb's interaction with Gilbert officers who arrested him on June 28 after he rear-ended another car.

He was polite, followed orders and didn't appear to be extremely intoxicated.

McNabb denied he had been drinking, even after the officer told him he could smell alcohol on his breath.

Officers say they found a bag full of cash and a full bottle of tequila in McNabb's trunk.

Police were called to the scene after McNabb rear-ended a woman who is married to a police officer.

McNabb reportedly failed a field sobriety test, and when officers contacted him, he had cough drops in his mouth.

Court records show this is McNabb's second arrest for DUI, his previous case he pleaded guilty. He served one day in jail after pleading guilty to that arrest from December 2013.