Peoria company creates disaster-proof building blocks

PEORIA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - With the right material, "The Perfect Block" in Peoria says your home or business could withstand any disaster.

This includes tornadoes, fires, termites, and even burglars. What's really sending these building blocks off the lot is that they can withstand up to Category 5 hurricane rains and winds of up to 250 miles per hour.

"The hurricane winds just isn't the only thing that creates the damage, it's the water," Jerry Kachlic said. "Rot. mildew. mold, they have to literally tear off all the drywall. You don't have to use drywall on our product."

The engineering and installation company uses recycled items we use every day, like Styrofoam coolers, that would normally go to a landfill.

Instead, the company turns them into an insulated, concrete form.

"We turn around and a make a process... a process that turns into this," Kachlic said. "So once we recycle it, we turn around and make our cement mixture and make it fire proof. You don't need any tools. Just stack it, level it, and pour the ground inside it, and that's what gives it the structure."

The eco-friendly building blocks could reduce energy costs while serving as a barrier from disaster, one block at a time.

The Perfect Block