Pet owners spend day searching for lost pets after 4th of July fireworks

Sunday was a busy day for some pet owners and animal shelters.

Many owners spent the day searching for dogs frightened away by 4th of July fireworks. Many shelters took in the runaways and searched for their owners.

Employees at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control had a very busy day.

The day after the Fourth of July is notoriously busy.

The booms from the fireworks spooked animals all over the valley.

Many ending up at MCACC looking for their rightful owners to come find them.

Owners who have lost their pets have 72 hours to claim them before the pets will be put up for adoption or moved to another shelter or rescue.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control hopes to match all the lost pets with their rightful owners.

You can go to to search for all the pets that are in the shelter.

If you are missing your pet, you can contact Arizona Humane Society, which also takes in lost pets.