Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine proving safe for kids brings hope to families still at home

A return to normal life is the hope of many after going through 2020.

For some, that means going to bars or ballgames, but for some families, that means just being able to send children back to school.

"The twins have a condition called spinal muscular atrophy. They are very high risk," says Chris Byrd, a father of three.

His two youngest have special needs.

Byrd has kept all three of his kids in virtual learning because they can’t risk bringing COVID-19 in the house.

"Kids are typically low risk, but with them, low is not zero," Byrd said.

Pfizer released vaccine data in a trial of more than 2,000 children ages 12 to 15 that showed 100% effectiveness in preventing a COVID-19 infection.

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This is news Byrd and his family are hopeful for, saying, "Really for the first time I feel like that going back to school is an option because we were thinking, 'Man, are they gonna have to start high school online as well?'"

COVID-19 vaccines are currently available for those 16 years and older through Pfizer, or 18 and older through Moderna.

"As all parents do, we’re hesitant about trying new things, but the vaccine trials have been shown to be safe and effective. We also know that kids 10 and up tend to spread the virus similar to how adults do. So it’s very important to get that 12 and up population vaccinated."