Phoenix installs signs to stop wrong-way biking

There are new street signs to discourage bike riders from riding against traffic.

The City of Phoenix Transportation Department began installing the signs in certain bicycle corridors through downtown Phoenix.

"We are continuing to make Phoenix into a more bike-friendly city - an important part of that is making sure bicycle riders and motorists co-exist safely," said Mayor Greg Stanton. "Riding with the flow of traffic is the best way to see and be seen when you are on a bike and makes our roads safer for everyone."

The signs are labeled "Wrong Way" and are on a red background, similar to those on freeways to warn motorists.

It's not just for safety, it's also against the law to ride against traffic.

The City of Phoenix released statistics that show up to 33% of bicycle crashes involved wrong-way riders from 2009-2013.

"Our great fall, winter and spring weather brings out more activity on our streets, and as Phoenix's population and transportation infrastructure grows, highlighting safety is an important message to communicate," said Councilwoman Thelda Williams.