Phoenix man takes new approach to land a job by passing out resume at intersections

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Looking for work can be a difficult process, as jobseekers are either competing with other people for the same position, or there are just not enough jobs in a related field. Scenarios like that forced a Valley man to try a different approach.

After not getting any calls back, Patrick Hoagland, who lost his job a few weeks ago, says he took a different approach, and his fulltime job now is finding a job, but on a street corner.

"I'm willing to do anything," said Hoagland. "It's been hard finding work."

Hoagland wakes up every morning and goes to the busiest intersections in Phoenix. With a nice wave, a friendly smile, a sign that reads "Please Take My Resume. Looking For A Job", his resumes in the other hand, and a positive attitude.

"This is my personality. I'm excited about this," said Hoagland. "I'm excited for everything to put myself into, and that's the only to live life now for me because if you don't, a situation that I'm in will cause you to be depressed. You can really go to a slump if you don't stay positive."

Car after car, resume after resume. And then, a sign of something.

"I got a business card for a possible job," said Hoagland. "I want to try something new. It's worked out a lot of attention. However, nothing solid. It's only been a few weeks, but a few weeks is a big deal to my family. I have a two-year-old, and things are tough."

One goal in Hoagland's mind is to secure a job. Until then, he will return with a smile on his face.

Patrick Hoagland