Phoenix neighborhood home to wild chickens, peacocks

Welcome to Phoenix's chicken neighborhood. Neighbors say there's nothing "fowl" about this stretch of central Phoenix between 32nd St. and 36th St., just north of Thomas Road.

Resident Rachel Enriquez has been in the neighborhood for more than a decade.

"Everybody feeds them in the neighborhood. The cars stop for them. People think it's wonderful, they stop and take pictures of them," says Enriquez.

Enriquez's daily routine includes feeding the friendly fowl that roam the neighborhood.

"I've raised some from babies, from eggs," Enriquez laughs.

It's not just chickens that roam the streets. There are other birds that make the neighborhood a little more colorful.

"This used to be a farmland. We have guinea hens on the corner, peacocks," explains Enriquez.

Diane Boyce, another resident of the neighborhood, has been taking care of the feathered friends for 15 years--and she actually does count her chickens.

"There was a time when there was quite a few more, and yes, it was their neighborhood," says Boyce.

There are downsides to living with wild fowl, though: "People don't like them pooping all over their yards," Boyce says.

However, they're all still treasured and bring smiles to passerby.

As for the age-old question about why the chicken crossed the road?

Boyce explains,"To get to the other side because there's food over there!"

The City of Phoenix does get a few complaints about the birds, which they do investigate. However, since no one claims actual ownership of the chickens, the city says there is no code to enforce.

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