Phoenix Police: Car stolen by man at Sky Harbor Airport had a kid inside

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Phoenix Police officials said Monday that a five-year-old boy was inside a car that was stolen from Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport over the weekend.

According to a statement, the car was stolen from Terminal 4 South at around 6:30 p.m. Sunday. The car was seen being driven west on Sky Harbor Boulevard, and was later followed back east to the front of Terminal 2. The suspect, identified on Monday as 28-year-old Scott Erin Duran, was arrested at the scene, and the child who was inside was not hurt.

Duran, police officials said, has been booked for robbery, car theft, kidnapping, endangerment, unlawful flight, and weapons-related charges. According to court documents, Duran admitted to being homeless and using three grams of heroin a day.

Meanwhile, the wild ride had some other passengers thinking twice.

"When can you do? You have to go pick up grandma at the airport, so it's really a tough situation," said Layli Mohtshami.

"Can't lock the kids in the car. Can't leave 'em. Bring another adult, someone else with ya. That's the best advice," said Dan Colton.