Phoenix presents Randy Johnson a Key to the City

He's one of the Arizona Diamondback's legendary players; he helped bring the city a world championship trophy, and now the city is giving back to "The Big Unit."

Many argue that Randy Johnson is the reason for Phoenix becoming a baseball town; He was named MVP after the 2001 World Series win and won four out of five of his Cy Young Awards with the Diamondbacks. He'll soon be the 1st D-Back inducted into the Hall of Fame. And for all this, Mayor Stanton decided to honor Johnson today with a key to the city.

D-Backs fans cheered today as legend Randy Johnson took the podium at City Hall. The Big Unit standing proudly as Mayor Greg Staton praised him for his impact on the community.

"Today is a celebration of you, your success, the success of the Diamondbacks, what you represented previously, and what you still represent for this community," said Mayor Greg Stanton.

Johnson made history as the first person to receive a key to the City of Phoenix, an honor not given only for his baseball records, but for his contributions outside the stadium.

"You have been such a powerful advocate to end homelessness in Phoenix, and to honor the women and men of our military," said Stanton.

This summer, Johnson will become the first Diamondback to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. An honor that Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall is immensely proud of.

"You have to say Randy Johnson is a point of pride for the City of Phoenix. Everything that he has done for Phoenix, bringing us and Arizona our first major championship, and generating memories for all of us to cherish forever," said Derrick Hall.

Johnson was honored with a custom-made key bearing the city's emblem. He graciously accepted and said he is excited to continue working with the Diamondbacks.

This August, the Diamondbacks will retire #51 at Chase Field. Johnson has come to work as a special assistant to the President and CEO.