Phoenix Public Library's temporary location now open

A little more than a mile away from the Burton Barr Library, which is still under restoration, is the Phoenix Public Library's temporary location in the basement of Park Central.

The temporary location has 50,000 books, more than 30 internet-capable computers, and when the doors opened for the first time at 9 a.m., Patrick was the first person to walk in.

"It's kind of like my home away from home," he said.

Patrick lives next to Burton Barr and was one of many who were devastated when a monsoon storm caused significant damage. Six thousand of the library's 500,000 books were destroyed and the clean up would take months to complete.

It's left book lovers, like Patrick, going the extra mile to go to other locations.

"I have limited means of mobility and eyesight and I've had to depend on other people to drive me around town," he said.

But today, he's here, a light rail ride away from his home, and for Susan and her husband, it was just a short walk.

"I am self-employed, worked out of my home, and we were so excited to hear about hte opening of this library," she said.

Everything inside looks familiar and all of it, even the carpet, was moved over the past few months from Burton Barr where it will stay until the library opens again.