Phoenix Zoo announces name of new baby giraffe

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - After nearly 16,000 votes were cast, the Phoenix Zoo has announced the name of their new baby giraffe.

"Rafiki" was born on June 26, and was already six-feet tall and weighed more than 150 pounds a week after her birth.

"They're that tall because they have to be able to reach their mom to nurse from her because she's so high up," said zookeeper Alicia Marcell. "They have to get up and moving pretty quickly because if they were in the wild, they would have predators and things that could be a threat, and if they're laying down, that makes them more at risk for those things. They usually get up within the first hour and nursing on their own at that time too."

This baby girl masai giraffe's mother is seven-year-old Imara, and her father is nine-year-old Miguu.