Phoenix's St. Joseph's Catholic Church needs help funding its reconstruction

The reconstruction of St. Joseph's Catholic Church is underway on Wednesday after the Phoenix church was burnt to the ground in 2019, leaving only ash behind.

May 1, 2019 was a heartbreaking day for the parishioners of the church, but now, a new place to gather is almost here.

The roof is going on and now you can make out the outline of what will be the new St. Joseph’s.

Donald Leo is the co-chair of the building committee and says, "I think everyone is thrilled with what they are seeing and where we have come so far."

This reconstruction is coming after a devastating fire ravaged through the church, making it a complete loss, only leaving behind ashes and a wooden cross.

"It was literally down to ashes inside and a few of the posts stood up," Leo said.

It's taken a long time to get where the construction is at now as they've worked on the renderings and new plans. The new church will be bigger and they also have plans to build a senior living facility on the property.

"We are looking toward being on campus. We have extra acreage, a facility that not only will be a benefit to the church, but senior facility people," Leo said.

The church is looking forward to celebrating with a new place to call home and they will hang the wooden cross there, the only thing left behind in the fire, as a symbol of hope and faith.

They are projecting the church to be completed this October, but the church says they are about $700,000 dollars short.

To donate to the church, visit this link.