Phone number of Arizona Speaker of the House posted to Twitter by Phoenix City Council candidate

The Arizona Speaker of the House is getting singled out for not calling a special session in relation to Arizona's election results, and now his personal information is being posted online, an act known as "doxxing."

Phoenix City Council candidate Nicole Garcia didn’t show remorse for posting Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers's phone number on Twitter.

Garcia posted it in response to the Arizona state legislature closing for the week and Bowers also declining to call a special session to appoint electors who would vote for Donald Trump, thus overturning the will of Arizona voters who voted for President-elect Joe Biden.

“I haven't heard of one threat for Rusty Bowers. I get threats, too. When you’re in politics and you’re not listening. I mean c'mon, when you’re in politics everyone gets threats and if Rusty Bowers is crying about that, maybe he needs to resign because he doesn’t have the fortitude for it," Garcia said.

The fights between Republicans amid the 2020 election results have gone so far that Democrats are denouncing what’s going on within the party.

“Being vocal in terms of our Speaker of the House, it’s important not just as a Democrat, but as a human being and an Arizonan," said Democratic Arizona Rep. Jennifer Longdon.

On Dec. 8, Arizona's Supreme Court announced it will uphold Biden's win in the state after GOP challenge, allowing him to keep his 11 electoral votes.

The Arizona House Speaker's office has not released a statement to FOX 10 regarding this report as of Dec. 9.