Pizza Hut got hacked but waited two weeks to tell its customers

(FOX Business) -- First, it was Sonic, now restaurant chain Pizza Hut has reported that it got hacked, too. The company emailed a select group of customers on Saturday to inform them that their personal information may have compromised in an early October hack.

According to the email, shared on social media by some of the victims, Pizza Hut classified it as a "temporary security intrusion," that was carried out between the morning of Oct. 1 and midday Oct. 2, which affected information of some customers who visited its website or mobile app during the 28-hour period.

"The security intrusion at issue impacted a small percentage of our customers and we estimate that less than one percent of the visits to our website over the course of the relevant week were affected. That said, we regret to say that we believe your information is among that impacted group," the company wrote in the email.

Yet, many customers unleashed their frustration on the company on Twitter, for not notifying them sooner but instead waiting two weeks, giving hackers time to use their information.