‘Please wear clothes,’ Georgia Department of Driver Services says

Perhaps it should go without saying that any official government identification, one should be, well, properly attired, if not at very least wearing clothes.

A post on the verified Georgia Department of Driver Services’ Facebook page on Tuesday seems to suggest some folks do not know that.

The post features a graphic meme of a Neil deGrasse Tyson cutout with his hands up.

The graphic reads "Please wear clothes when taking your selfies for your Digital Driver’s License and IDs."

The post itself expands on that message reading:

"Attention, lovely people of the digital era! Please take pictures with your clothes on when submitting them for your Digital Driver’s License and IDs. Let’s raise our virtual glasses and toast to the future. Cheers to technology and keeping things classy!"

The post uses the hashtag: #ddscares.

The DDS social media manager continues the conversation in the comments. One TV anchor who works in Augusta asks "joke or did this really need to be said? (I can’t decide but honestly leaning toward the needed-to-be-said part. LOL)" to which DDS responds "Send help".

The Jefferson Fire Dept comments "Welcome to 2023" to which DDS responds "We need you, they are too hot to handle... in their own mind." The DDS’s response includes a .gif showing Jon Stewart using a fire extinguisher.


Last week, the DDS launched Digital Driver’s License or ID, which can now be used at some airport checkpoints. As part of the service, the app will prompt the user to take selfies as part of the identification process.

No word on just how many inappropriate photos have been identified in the system.