Police: Arrowhead mall armed robbery suspects had a toy gun

There are new details about the two people who have been arrested for a robbery that led to a shooting on Friday.

The shooting happened outside the sears store at the Arrowhead Mall. An innocent bystander pulled out his own gun when he saw that the suspects had a gun.

The two suspects are a married couple and one claims he was just trying find some money to buy food. And the gun they pulled? Turned out to be a toy gun.

When investigators tracked down Michael and Shaashana Hough, the couple opened up about what happened at the Sears store and the parking lot.

According to court documents, Michael admitted he stole a cordless impact drill. He planned to sell it and use the money for food.

"I was hungry, I took something. I was unaware that she had pulled anything. I jumped on the bike and took off," said Michael Hough.

It wasn't that simple. Before the couple took off, Shaashana pulled what happened to be a gun on the Sears security officer.

A good samaritan, who is a former Marine, saw that, pulled out his gun and opened fire -- that's when the two took off.

According to court documents, that gun turned to be a toy and the orange trigger was colored black.

The female suspect told police she carries it for protection in the streets.

In court, a prosecutor blasted her actions.

"It was completely foreseeable that when you are in a shopping mall parking lot and you appear to pull a gun, you do not know what type of conduct it is going to illicit from the community around you and in this case, a citizen fired shots."

Shaashana Hough asked the judge the to be lenient in setting her bond.

"This was not at all like what he's stating and I don't know it got blown up into something completely different. I'm asking the court.. it's been a long time since I've been in trouble," she said.

The judge set both of their bails at $50,000.