Police: Gun involved in accidental shooting of 3-year-old stored in open compartment

Officials with the Glendale Police Department have released new details surrounding the accidental shooting of a three-year-old child that took place on Tuesday.

According to Glendale Police officials, the incident happened at a home located west of the intersection of 43rd Avenue and Glendale. When officers arrived, they found the child with a gunshot wound to the lower part of his index finger, and the child's father holding him and caring for the injury.

Investigators say after speaking with the child's father and the father's girlfriend, they learned that the accidental shooting happened as the father was sleeping in the living room while the girlfriend was in the children's bedroom with the three-year-old and another child.

The three-year-old, investigators say, left the room and went into the master bedroom. There, he he found the gun and fired one round. The boy suffered non-life threatening injuries, and was taken to the hospital.

Police officials say the family had recently moved into the home, and that the gun was stored in an open compartment in a nightstand.

A report on the incident, according to police officials, will be forwarded to the County Attorney's Office for review. The couple could be accused of endangerment.