Police looking for Glendale home invasion suspect

A Glendale neighborhood is on alert after a robber breaks into a house while two people were home. Police say the invasion suspect got into a fight with one of the victims, injuring him before takeoff.

Glendale police are looking for the man who allegedly smashed a backyard window to get into a Glendale home. Police say he had a gun, but fortunately didn't pull the trigger, as he forced one of the victims to hand over his car keys.

One neighbor says he's lived in the area for 23 years and has never seen a home invasion robbery happen on his street until this incident occurred. 

"The only thing I know if for sure is cars have been stolen," the neighbor said. "And that's been quite often."

The car that was taken in this incident wasn't parked outside on a driveway or on the curb. Glendale PD says the people inside the house first heard someone banging on their wall, then the sound of glass shattering. The robber had broken the glass on the door that leads into the backyard and entered the house. A man got into a fight with the robber, who was armed. The man was injured and was forced to hand over the keys to his car. A woman was also home at the time but wasn't hurt.

According to officials, the robber drove off in the victim's white Mazda CX-5 SUC. The victims, according to police, didn't know the robber. Neighbors say a violent and invasive crime like this doesn't usually happen here.

"Generally speaking, it's a pretty safe [area]," one neighbor said. "I'm surprised."

The neighbor says now that he knows a home invader is still on the loose and has struck in his neighborhood, he'll spread the word among the residents on this street and will remain vigilant.

"We all take care of ourselves [in] our own ways," he said. "I mean, I'm ready for just about anything."

Police are still looking for the white Mazda SUV  with license plate AVX1049 that was stolen from the home. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man about 6' tall. He was wearing a baseball cap, a dark-colored bandana over his face and a hooded sweatshirt while holding a gun.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Glendale Police Department.