Police looking for Harley bike that was stolen from Mesa vet

An 80-year-old Navy veteran needs the public's help, as Mesa Police officials say they are looking for the person who stole the vet's Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Tom Felten is an Arizona Patriot Guard rider. His passion is riding, and when he came to a shop to check on his bike Saturday, he never thought it would be missing. Nothing else in the shop had been touched but the Harley and Felten's desk.

"Think I went numb, you know. I just couldn't fathom what the hell happened," said Felten.

The Harley Davidson Sportster means everything to Felten.

"Very special to me. My first bike. I've had it since about 2005," said Felten.

Felten mainly uses the bike to accompany fallen heroes during funeral services, paying respect to their families. It's a mission he takes seriously as a Navy veteran, but now, his bike is gone, and Mesa Police is investigating.

"You'd have to bleep it out, what I think about a person like that who would steal a bike. Steal anything," said Felten. "I have no respect for a thief."

Felten's motorcycle has the license plate 276D, and it was last seen near Main Street and Sycamore in Mesa. Felten hopes the suspect does the right thing, because he can't imagine life without his ride.

"A motorcycle means a lot to a guy that rides," said Felten. "That's his way of letting his hair down, get on the bike. Got cobwebs in your head? Just get on the bike and go for a ride."

Felten's daughter is sharing what happened across social media to get help. Meanwhile, anyone with information should call Mesa Police.

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