Police: Man who cheated using Ashley Madison, tried hiring hit man on dark web in bid to murder wife

A Minnesota preacher in a failing marriage, who failed in his attempt to hire a hitman using bitcoin on the dark web, also failed to convincingly stage his wife's murder as a suicide -- a final misstep that ultimately led to his arrest, officials said.

Stephen Allwine, 44, of Cottage Grove, Minn., is currently on trial for the "premeditated first-degree murder" of his wife Amy Allwine, 43, The Washington Post reported. A criminal complaint filed in Jan. 2017 alleges Allwine attempted to hire hitmen to murder Amy, but his plan fell apart. He carried out the murder himself and set it up to look like a suicide. Amy Allwine was found dead Nov. 13, 2016.

The couple, who met at a Christian college and were active members of their church together also adopted a son.

Stephen Allwine, a religious man who served as a church elder and deacon at a United Church of God congregation also offered marriage counseling to couples having trouble. Allwine allegedly learned of Ashley Madison, a website where consumers were encouraged to have a secret extramarital affair, while counseling, prosecutors alleged. The preacher allegedly had affairs with at least two women. Allwine reportedly wanted out of his marriage but the United Church of God encouraged couples to stay together.

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