Police: Suspect burglarizes home, then sets fire

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Police need your help in tracking down a man who they say burglarized a home, and then set the garage on fire.

There were several cameras in the area that captured great video of the suspect. It even shows him carrying a gas canister police say he used to start the fire. The incident, according to Phoenix Police officials, happened at around noon on Monday, in the area 50th Avenue and Thomas. While in the home, the suspect stole a cell phone, a home surveillance system, and the family's seven-month-old Siberian Husky.

"There was a juvenile home, sick, from school in the house, asleep at the time," said Sgt. Tom Britt with the Phoenix Police Fire Investigation Unit. "The suspect actually stole a cell phone that was on the pillow, right next to the juveniles head."

Police say after the burglary, the suspects left for about 30 minutes. Then this suspect comes back.

In one video, the suspect can be seen carrying a gas canister, hopping the wall. A fire then ignited, and another camera in the area caught the suspect running away. Luckily, fire crews were able to knock out the fire quickly.

"He ran out to Thomas Road, and the suspect vehicle picked him up," said Sgt. Britt. "It has very identifiable chrome wheels. It's a two-tone 2001 to 2003 Chevy Tahoe. Dark green on the top and gold colored on the bottom."

"The radiated heat there, had it extended, had it been able to burn longer, it very well could have caught that structure on fire," said Justin Alexander with Phoenix Fire.

Police officials said at this point, there is no indication of any relationship between the suspect and the victims.