Porch pirate steals special package from Gilbert woman

GILBERT, Ariz. (FOX 10) - It's that time of year again, porch pirates are out in full force. A woman in Gilbert says a thief got away with more than just her package, saying it was sentimental.

"I know it might sound silly but it was an important box to me," said Erin Hannigan.

It was the best kind of package anyone who lives away from family could ever receive, filled with grandma's love and her touch all the way from Texas.

"It turned out to be more important, it was a package of my grandma's homemade cookies, she had a check and a few presents and a picture she wanted me to have," said Hannigan.

One man stole the spirit of Christmas for Erin, right in front of her eyes.

"I got the alert that there was an alert at my door," said Hannigan.

She sees the man walk up to her home nonchalantly.

"He acted like he knocked on my door and that's when I saw my package," says Hannigan.

He bends over and off with the package he went casually walking to his car, getting in and driving off.

At first, Erin thought it was just another Amazon package.

"Part of me wishes that I ordered it because I can order it again," said Hannigan. "I'm glad my grandma is so understanding, the worst part is having to call and tell her the cookies are gone, the hard work is gone. Stealing people's Christmas isn't the right option."

If anyone knows who the suspect is, call Gilbert Police.