Possible chase ends with car slammed into bakery

"Oh, I'm upset, very upset."

Owner of La Fama Mexican Bakery, Lourdes Adame was upset after seeing her store front in shambles after a car slammed into it.

It's not clear at this time, but there's possibly much more to this mangled mess than meets the eye. Glendale police tells us around 4:30 this afternoon, they were called about an attempted child abduction near 75th Avenue and Glendale.

"While we were en route to that, we got a subsequent call a short time later that there was a wreck over here at 54th Avenue and Glendale that may be related," Lt. Brian Shoop said.

Police say they've heard from witnesses that the silver car involved may have been chased by the black SUV before crashing through the bakery. At this time, they aren't saying who was involved or how this possible chase may have been related to the attempted abduction.

What we do know is the driver of the car tried to flee but was taken into custody and the two passengers inside were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"We were lead to believe that this was potentially involved," Lt. Shoop said. "We're still in the investigative phase trying to figure out if that's true and accurate."

Adame's family has owned the bakery for 42 years and they've never seen anything like this. Adame says luckily they close early on Sundays or this story could have had a much different ending.

"Saturdays and Sundays are out busiest days, so it's in and out all day," she said. "Definitely at least three-to-four customers in the front and then two-to-three people working, so it would have definitely been a tragedy."

Police say no children are missing from the attempted abduction and there's no outstanding suspects.