Possible presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks at Tempe brewery

He's not officially said he's running for President, but Jeb Bush stopped in the valley at a Tempe brewery.

A few days ago Jeb Bush said his brother George W. Bush did the right thing invading Iraq.

Now he's reversed course.

"So here is the deal: if we are all supposed to answer hypothetical questions, knowing what you know what, what would you have done, I would have not engaged or gone into Iraq, that is not to say the world is not safe since Saddam Hussein is gone, it is significantly safer," said Jeb Bush.

Speaking before a friendly group from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Gov. Bush touted compassionate conservatism to lift poor people out of poverty and to help the middle class.

"Don't just help people who have already made it, they don't need the government's help, the people who need the help of government want to pursue their own dreams and rise up, whether they are in poverty or the middle," said Bush.

Jeb Bush also voiced his opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

"I think we should repeal Obamacare if given the opportunity, and replace it with a consumer-directed model," he said.

He then pointed to the Apple Watch on his wrist.

"On this device in five years will be applications to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible," said Bush.

Left unanswered was the question if you can't afford health insurance, how are you going to be able to buy an Apple Watch?

Bush is now speaking at the RNC's Spring Meeting at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale.