#PostYourLoveNote: Interactive 'Wall of Love' on display at Scottsdale Quarter

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Love is in the air where writing is on the wall.

With Valentine's Day just days away, Scottsdale Quarter has created a new art display. The "Wall of Love" has been up since February 1 and within a couple of days, it became pretty popular and filled up fast!

"Just post your love, whatever you love... it can be anything from a person or a thing or a hobby," Alison Goodman said. "We're giving everyone the opportunity to spread the love this Valentine's season."

Whether it be an opportunity for a good selfie or small declaration of love, visitors in the quarter stop by the wall, grab a pen and Post-It to join in on celebrating love, while sharing it too.

"I think it just gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves," Goodman said. "Everyone right now is really looking for a way to say who they are and what they're about. I think it kind of gives you a sense of individuality that you wouldn't normally have."