Quintuplets born happy and healthy at Phoenix hospital

A Washington couple traveled to Arizona earlier this summer for a unique purpose: to give birth to their quintuplets.

Stephanie and Graham Freels wanted to have their babies at Dignity Health St. Joseph's in Phoenix, and their move came 13 weeks early - much faster than they expected.

The babies were born on June 4 at just 27 weeks gestation. 

The Freels say they looked up YouTube videos and found a couple who had quadruplets at St. Joseph's. That couple said it was a great experience, which inspired them to make the trip.

The Washington couple got there just in time for the babies to be born.

"I was kind of terrified, but then our main NICU doctor, when he came back, he was smiling when he came to greet us, and that's how I knew everything was good, yeah," said Graham. 

The couple said thanks to the hospital's NICU, they've been able to get all the babies on the same schedule, which can be hard enough with one baby, let alone five.

"I don't really have anything else to compare it to, but we're just really excited," said Stephanie.

They say when they found out they were having quintuplets, it was a big surprise. But now they can't imagine life without all five of them - four girls and one boy: Adelyn, Eliana, Linnea, Fisher, and Harper.

"We always wanted a big family," said Graham. "That's our dream. We love kids, and so this is a big blessing for us."