Rain from Rosa exacerbates home damage for some

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Many homeowners felt the brunt of the storm from the remnants of Rosa, while still trying to recover from the rough monsoon season.

This year, the monsoon season brought storms that downed tress and damaged homes, especially roofs. Because of this, the rain was not a welcome sight for some homeowners.

"The hole is getting bigger, the plaster is falling down and last night was probably the worst, it was dripping everywhere," said Vicki Guffey, whose home's roof was damaged in July, during one of the first monsoon storms. The damage was initially small.

"Cleaned it up, no problem," said Guffey. "We had another, keep coming back to back. It seemed like two or three in a week."

Guffey's problem is now much bigger, and she spent her night dumping water-filled trash cans into the bathtub.

"These were both completely full last night," said Guffey. "I had to use the little one to sort of bail it out."

Guffey contacted a roofing company back in August, but because they're so back logged, repairs can take weeks, if not months.

"One of them came out and he said, 'we're getting 250 to 200 calls a day', and that was back in the beginning of August," said Guffey. "I'm scheduled for October 15, so in the meantime, more monsoons, more rain and more damage."