Ranch on sale in Buckeye is "out of this world"

A nearly 10-acre ranch is now for sale in Buckeye.

The Stardust Ranch is listed at $5 million, and there are so many amenities on the property.

Some of those amenities, in fact, can be considered to be "out of this world".

"I thought, 'hey this is a pretty good deal for the money', said John Edmonds. "I had no idea what I was walking into."

Edmonds bought the ranch, located near Tuthill and Ray Roads, about 21 years ago to start his horse rescue, called Hopeful Hooves, which takes in abandoned horses. Edmonds said since the day he and his wife moved in, they have had issues with paranormal activity.

"We'd be asleep, and all of a sudden, we'd feel things touching us, and we knew it wasn't a dog or a cat," said Edmonds.

Edmonds says they have continued to be attacked by aliens. He even bought a samari sword to kill them off. They see lights in the sky and black triangles often hang over the property, and Edmonds said two portals are also on the property that lead to other dimensions.

"Imagine a tunnel through space and time, and literally some portals are able to transport data and to transport matter across time and space," said Edmonds. "Others have the historical aspect to it, and it can actually transfer time."

Edmonds said the ranch even has healing powers, because of the energy.

Edmonds' friend, Gail Chasin, moved to the property at the beginning of the year. Chasin said when she arrived, she had liver cancer, but has since been healed.

"Green lights," said Chasin. "Green lights, like someone in the house lit with green lights, and that would indicate to me a particular species that are actually healing."

Edmonds knows this property isn't for everyone, but said he has no doubt the one-of-a-kind property will appeal to someone.

"We don't ask anyone to just take our word for it," said Edmonds. "This is a situation where you can come out if you're a qualified buyer, come out and look at it. I'll show you all the proof. You can experience it yourself."