Reconnect Mind Body in Mesa uses treatments to heal from within

A new business in Mesa is offering a more natural approach to healing and many are taking the plunge.

The business, Reconnect Mind Body, is helping people connect the mind and body with things like a very cold plunge into water and light therapy.

"Our motto is, 'You are the cause, you are the cure,' because we believe literally that you are the cause of your illnesses and you are the cure for all of those," explained owner Jerame Mudick.

At Reconnect Mind Body, to heal, they use compression therapy, a cold plunge ranging in temperatures from 46 degrees down to a chilly 33 degrees, an inferred sauna and red light therapy.

The goal of the therapy is "Having the mitochondria function better. So the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. It’s determining how the cell is going to function throughout the body. We’re filled with trillions of cells. So if we can get this cold water and we can get the contrast between the hot and cold therapy and we have red light therapy, what we’re doing is having the cells function better so we can have them function where they were before your hormonal release got out of control," Mudick said.

This type of therapy, Mudick said, has been shown to help heal physical and mental ailments, increase circulation and provide better sleep.

He says one of the biggest benefits is reduced stress and many people are coming in with stress-related symptoms caused by the pandemic.

"I think what COVID did is it brought people to this certain level of stress within their own mind and realizing, 'I’ve been running from these things for so long. Now the majority of the world is shut down I’m forced to face them,'" Mudick said.

He's hopeful every person coming will reconnect and gain a sense of peace with every visit.

"This is like open therapy. So you’re coming in specifically to heal yourself. You’re looking inside yourself to release all of these things that hold you back. One of the things that we talk about here is that you are your own blockade so if I can show you that and you can experience it in there, you can face a lot more outside of there. You can learn, 'If I can just breath and learn to let these things go, my life can be a lot better,'" Mudick said.

You'll need to have an appointment for treatment. Memberships to come several times per month begin at $79 and go up to $200 per month.