reKindle: Non-profit gives homeless people jobs, helps clean up the city

A local non-profit has a new program that helps the homeless get back on their feet and helps clean up the city of Phoenix.

Getting rid of graffiti, trash and debris -- this crew is working to clean up the area near 9th Avenue and Jackson.

"Removing needles and glass and things like that.. we're making the city a better place," said Chris Hooley, co-founder of reKindle.

But there's another goal in mind: to end homelessness.

The non-profit reKindle is putting homeless people to work through its Work First program, giving them a chance to earn money and help the city.

"This particular project was requested by the homeless campus St. Vincent de Paul and Cass.. they said there are areas that are not getting served that are pretty downtrodden, so they requested that we come in and clean it up," said Hooley. "We'll pay them, feed them, give them what they need to survive for the day, get them priority bedding in the shelter.

But they're not just earning paychecks and supplies. Homeless people are also getting help with their resumes and getting connected to services they need to get back on their feet.

"This is step one. This is a program aimed to rehabilitate people, get them off the street and get them prepared to actually be able to do an actual job," said Hooley.

Helping the city and the homeless, one project at a time.

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