'Safe Phone Zones' offered along Arizona highways

PHOENIX (AP) - Transportation officials in Arizona say they are teaming up again with GEICO to offer "safe phone zones" for travelers along some of the state's highways.

Officials said they will be encouraging drivers to pull off the road before using smartphones for talking, texting or any other activities.

"Even a moment's distraction can be deadly," ADOT Director John Halikowski said. "We are at our best as drivers when we are focused on the road, rested and sober. Using Safe Phone Zones at rest areas allows drivers to stay connected in a safe way."

The partnership between the state and GEICO initially began in 2014, with GEICO sponsoring "safe phone zones" at 14 rest areas. Signs bearing the GEICO logo alert motorists to the designated zones at each rest area.

GEICO has similar partnerships with Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Texas.


>>ADOT VIDEO: Arizona Safe Phone Zones