Scottsdale garage fire emits huge plumes of smoke

The smoke could be seen all over the valley, it was a fire that had neighbors rushing to help each other.

"Crews had access issues, we have a lot of debris in the backyard of the premises which hindered our ability to get through the main steel gate that he had, and quickly went to a first alarm response, bringing 100 fire fighters," said Capt. Dave Folio.

While one part of the building was burning, someone drove by, saw the flames and smoke billowing into the air, and they ran into the main house and pounded on the front door, telling people to evacuate.

"We had a partial collapse on the structure in the garage, so we had to pull our firefighters out to make sure they were safe, and we were able to put water from the outside to extinguish it," he said.

No one was hurt, and fire investigators are investigating the cause.