Scottsdale gym owner, ex-ASU football player accused of sexual assault

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - A Scottsdale gym owner and former Arizona State University football player has been arrested and is accused of sexual assault.

According to court documents, 26-year-old Tevin Favor is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at her apartment near Miller and Osborn Roads on September 23.

Favor is the owner of the "BL8TN" gym in Scottsdale and played football at ASU in 2012.

The victim says she met Favor at her work a week and a half before the alleged assault when Favor gave her his business card and said he worked at a gym.

When the victim did not contact Favor, he found her on Instagram and the two agreed to go out with friends.

On Sept. 22, Favor went to the victim's apartment to pick up her and a friend to go to a party. Prior to leaving the victim's home, the three had one shot of tequila and while at the party, they had two-to-four more shots of tequila, according to the court documents.

After the party, the three accompanied a larger group to Riot House in Old Town Scottsdale where they drank more alcohol that was purchased by Favor.

The victim and her friend then separated themselves from Favor and the group and went to Bottled Blonde before taking an Uber ride home.

The victim's friend fell asleep on the couch and the victim says Favor called her saying he was on his way to her apartment to see her. When he arrived, the pair went into her bedroom where they sat on the bed and talked.

The victim says she laid down on her stomach on the bed because she was tired and Favor pulled her sweatpants and underwear down and sexually assaulted her.

She says she told Favor to stop, but he grabbed her from behind her neck and told her to "shut the (expletive) up." The victim says Favor eventually stopped and walked out of the room and her friend came into the room.

At this point, she quietly told her friend that Favor "raped her." Favor was asked to leave, but he refused and laid down next to the bed.

The victim then called 911 while crying hysterically and hid the phone underneath a pillow until police arrived.

Favor told police he and the victim were watching TV on the couch, began kissing, and moved into her bedroom. He told police he and the victim began touching each other and kissed, but nothing else happened.

The victim underwent a forensic exam and abrasions were found on her shoulder and neck.

Favor was arrested and held at Scottsdale city jail while police conducted a search at the victim's apartment. A large mark on the victim's bedsheet was found that looked like makeup. The victim told police she believed the mark was there from when Favor held her head down on the bed.

Favor's flannel shirt was also found on the bed.

Favor faces charges of sexual assault and assault with the intent to cause reckless harm or injury.

Favor has a history of violence. He was convicted of assault in 2012. This woman says she worked with him in the past and she wants to remain anonymous, out of fear of retaliation.

"He said point blank he only trains females.. he acts like he's a hot shot and knows all these famous people and has all this money. If I were to come out and say something happened to me, I would be afraid to, which is why I won't say my identity."

An employee at the gym refused to comment. She later posted a message to clients on Instagram, telling them not to go to the gym. The former co-worker says Favor used Instagram to find new clients.

"Says he'll give her a free session or whatever his pickup line is, then he posts the most revealing thing he can of them on Instagram so all his buddies can see.. oh another beautiful girl joined his gym."

According to police, Favor admits to kissing the victim and touching her, but denies having intercourse and sexually assaulting her.

The Scottsdale Police Department is asking the public if you know someone who may have also been victimized by Favor to call them or your local police department.