Scottsdale Police to issue Narcan nasal spray to its officers, and train them on how to use it

Officials with Scottsdale Police announced Thursday that it will issue and train patrol officers on the use of Narcan nasal spray.

According to a statement released Thursday afternoon, this is the first phase of a program that will eventually see jail staff, police aides, crime scene specialists, and selected detectives being trained and issued the drug.

Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is known to block the effects of opioids, and can reverse an overdose.

"Our officers may find themselves on a scene where opiates are present and accidental exposure is a risk," said Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell, in the statement. "We are seeing increasing numbers of overdoses across the country to first responders as a result of opiate exposure. I want our officers to have the tools they need protect themselves and our community."

The $30,000 program is being paid, according to officials, through a reallocation of existing budgeted funds.