Scottsdale police using drone detection technology at Waste Management Phoenix Open

As the Waste Management Phoenix Open gets underway, Scottsdale Police is using some new technology to keep everyone at the event safe.

"Drones are becoming so inexpensive and so popular, we are getting ahead of this technology," said Sgt. Ben Hoster with Scottsdale Police.

Sgt. Hoster said they have linked up with Dedrone and Aerial Armor to catch drones flying over the area.

"A device, a box with antennas, and when those drones pop up, that detects their usage in the area, and lets the operator know, and then we send out messages to folks in the area to look for it and try to find the operator," said Sgt. Hoster.

The data caught by the detector is collected and analyzed by a software. The analysis of the information is picked up automatically, and then triggers alarms to alert the security staff of an unauthorized drone.

Sgt. Hoster says There are reasons for banning drones from flying over an event like the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

"Drones at an event like this could hurt or injure people, if it were to crash or cause panic to a large crowd," said Sgt Hoster.