Scottsdale residents prepare for flash flooding by getting sandbags

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- As the Valley expects to experience the brunt of Tropical Storm Rosa later on Monday night and into Tuesday, residents in Scottsdale are prepping for flash flooding.

The City of Scottsdale has three self-service sandbag stations, where sand, bags and shovels are all provided.

"Free sand, just coming to get the sandbags and bag it up," said Dana Kalos. She said while she's not concerned about Tropical Storm Rosa hitting her home, she's still at the District One Police Headquarters on McKellips Road, shoveling sand.

"You never know how much rain you're going to get with this type of storm, so I just want to be prepared," said Kalos.

Kalos said it is better to be safe than sorry, and she is not the only one.

"There seems to be a bigger demand this time. I think its because of Hurricane Rosa, now Tropical Storm Rosa, coming up from the gulf," said Scottsdale's Emergency Manager, Brent Olson. He said the city has had to refill several sandbag stations, because so many people are using them. He also plans to put some bags in front of his own house, later on Monday.

"Just fold them over, they don't have to tied," said Olson. "And you can flatten them out once you get them put down."

The biggest mistake people make is overfilling the sandbags.

"The key is go about half to two-thirds full is all," said Olson. "I think this is a great service that the city provides for the citizens."

"Word has gotten out and I think more people are being prepared, which is what, as an emergency manager, I love to see," said Olson.

The city has two other free sandbag stations, located near the city's north corporation yard and solid waste transfer station.

Officials stress that if you've had issues with flooding before, be prepared ahead of time. There is a limit of 10 sandbags per family, and they are most effective when placed in front of entry points, such as doors and garages.